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Today’s government agencies require information technology partners that are right in the center of this ever changing world of technology. We use our insight, knowledge and connections to respond quickly and efficiently to your business needs. With so much experience in providing services, solutions and business operations to the government sector, Quadtec has the knowledge and industry expertise to establish exceptional connections to outperform your expectations and realize the potential of government initiatives.

Quadtec provides government organizations with operational effectiveness and efficiencies to take the strategic approach needed to excel in their core missions. Our vast experience in delivering exceptional talent for our clients has taught us that success requires skills both in working with clients as business partners and in providing the leadership to manage complex IT staffing engagements. We ensure that only the most qualified, talented people are applied to these projects in a well-managed environment!

Since banking and insurance are two of the world’s most competitive markets, many financial and insurance companies are utilizing information technology solutions to reach new clients and serve their current customer base. Streamlined, state-of-the-art IT systems are vital to their ongoing success.

Quadtec strives to help our financial and insurance clients reach these goals. Leveraging our national recruiting network enables Quadtec to respond to client requests quickly with the finest IT professionals available. Quadtec’s capable to address your staffing needs in all aspects of financial and insurance services!

Demands on U.S. healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors have soared as pandemic threats arise and one of the United States’ largest population segments reaches retirement age. Healthcare organizations are searching for ways to deliver more efficient care. Pharmaceutical companies are developing more effective and potent medications to fulfill new needs.

Many healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies depend on their information technology systems to keep pace with this incredible demand. Quadtec realizes how important it is for companies in these sectors to have dependable, financially stable partners to supply mission-critical IT contractors and consultants. Our competitive rates and customer-service focus allows us opportunities to place IT professionals at any of the leading healthcare and pharmaceutical firms. We can place professionals experienced with the technology and specialties these clients rely on!

Being fast, flexible and focused are the three keys to success in the manufacturing industry. Today’s manufacturers compete on a global scale and must have the ability to respond quickly to any shifts in their markets. Producing too much of a product wastes resources, saturates the market and drops demand. Producing too little results in lost sales and potentially disenfranchises customers.

Quadtec knows manufacturing clients depend on speed and scalable resources. We are able to help clients reach their goals faster by delivering IT contractors and consultants with unmatched speed and effectiveness. Quadtec realized that manufacture IT can be challenging and but we are prepared to seek out the right resources to help manufacturing companies with those challenges!

Providing consistent levels of excellent customer satisfaction is critical in the hospitality and entertainment industries. Companies and firms in these service-driven sectors are trying constantly to find new ways to reach customers faster and more effectively.

Many hospitality and entertainment companies utilize information technology systems to meet their customer service goals. They depend on staffing services and solutions partners who share their customer-service focus and have the capacity to respond swiftly to their needs. Quadtec’s time-sensitive customer-service approach allows our branches to deliver IT professionals as needed. We are great at finding professionals that have experience and expertise in any aspect of IT for the hospitality and entertainment industries!

Intense competition spreads in today’s retail sector as markets become more crowded, Internet shopping grows in popularity and margins grow increasingly slim. Many retailers are calling for better information technology solutions to modernize their supply chains, streamline back-office operations or help expand their national presence.

Quadtec can deliver the finest IT professionals to support retail clients’ efforts to reach these goals. Our network of recruitment resources, coupled with our proprietary processes and approach, gives us the ability to respond to virtually any job request with matchless speed and efficiency. We understand having the right IT professional in place at the right time is just as critical as having ample supplies of a hot new product. Both propel retailers to higher levels of success. Whether a retailer requires consultants for a contract staffing assignment or permanent position, Quadtec can deliver the finest IT professionals skilled in multiple disciplines!

Much like the technology industry experienced in recent years, telecommunications companies are enduring a hurried period of change. Recent mergers and acquisitions continue to dramatically alter the entire telecommunications sector. New companies created by these mergers must find trustworthy technology staffing partners to deliver the talent needed to complete their integrations. All companies seem to be kicking off new information technology-related projects to stay competitive.

By providing these companies with a single source for IT staffing services – including staff augmentation and direct hire services – Quadtec is able to rapidly scale our resources up or down to their needs. As the Telecommunications Industry both transforms and is transformed by technology, you need an IT partner that’s understands technology inside and out. Quadtec can provide IT professionals with the right expertise to support Telecommunications companies operations!

Transportation companies are defined by meeting strict deadlines whether they operate by land, sea and air. Their clients – passengers traveling, manufacturers shipping products or vendors expecting goods from their supply chains – insist transportation companies adhere to their published schedules.

Quadtec excels at providing IT Staff Augmentation expertise for the information technology systems that enable transporters to meet ever-tighter arrival, departure and delivery schedules. We also understand that many transportation companies’ needs vary seasonally. By partnering with Quadtec, these companies can ramp up or down their consultant levels promptly, thus reducing expenses. Soaring energy costs, regulatory oversight and the complexities of logistics add up to your need to be as efficient as possible. Quadtec can help you drive costs down and performance up through a variety of IT staffing services, delivered by people experienced in the transportation industry!

Our technology clients need to quickly staff projects with the right mix of temporary and permanent talent. They need to take on full project tasks, with defined service level agreements, to meet tight project timelines and cost constraints. We get it. And to help them turn their challenges into opportunities, we provide IT professionals that cover the complete range of skill sets – from basic PC support to cutting-edge systems. Being a technology company our self, we understand what is needed!

As Utilities depend on the effective use of resources to be successful, so do their IT departments. Working in tandem with local, state and federal agencies, utility and energy companies face rigorous government regulations as well as the great public scrutiny. Many of these companies must find ways to minimize rate increases in order to allow their customers to maintain their standards of living.

Quadtec’s experience working with these types of firms as well as government and financial clients perfectly compliments utility and energy company needs. Our team has thegreat experience with finding the skillsets for working with systems and on projects that affect all three groups. Combining our talent acquisition expertise with our fast turnaround times allows Quadtec to deliver the IT staffing services that the Utilites industry demands!

Where we can help

  • Branch Network Support
    Claims Systems Support
    Branch Network Engineering
    EDI Support
    PC Imaging
    Enterprise Solutions
    Project Management
    Infrastructure Project Management
    Content Development
    Mainframe Maintenance
  • PeopleSoft
    MS Access Experts
    NetCool Support
    Network Operaton Analyst
    Program / Project Management
    Program Management
    Database Support
    Data Warehousing
    Network Management
    AutoCAD Engineers
  • CRM Resources
    ERM Implementation Resources
    Voice Engineering Support
    Legacy Technology Migrations
    HRMS Resources
    Custom Application Development
    Credit Card Processing Technicians
    .Net development
    Info Security Resources
  • Customized Training
    Oracle Database Support
    Mainframe Development
    Investment Banking IT
    Java/J2EE Development
    Database Administration
    AS/400 Cobol Developers
    Voice Architecture
    SAP Resources
    SAS development
  • SOC Analyst
    Security Architects
    Siebel Upgrades
    Solaris/UNIX Engineers
    SQL Programmers/DBAs
    Systems Administration
    Systems Integration Engineers
    Maintenance Coordiantors
    Technical Writing & Documentation
    Technology Standardization
  • Training Services
    Visual Basic Experts
    Web Developers
    Network Management
    Contact Center Architects
    CISSP Professionals
    Telepresence Designers
    Wireless Engineers
    Capacity Planners
    Field Technicians

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