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Data Centers in today’s environment have become the core for an enterprise’s network infrastructure. Data Centers are expected to be robust, scalable, efficient, and secure. They support computing of applications, virtualization, and data storage. Service level agreement and objects are defined around Data Center offerings. Enterprises have become vendor agnostic, offering multiple vendor solutions. Quadtec’s Data Center practice is focused on providing solutions for Cisco, Juniper, and HP. Quadtec provides various services with our Data Center offerings.

The data center solutions we provide include:

Unified Computing

Our unified computing services are based on Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) – a leading server platform that simplifies your data center by uniting computing, networking, storage access and virtualization into a single integrated architecture. UCS solutions reduce data center complexity, streamline the deployment of enterprise applications and services, and lower power, space and environmental costs.


We offer services for virtualization technologies, providing best-of-breed virtualization platforms based on VMware vSphere technology. We can design and implement a virtualization environment that is tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to maximize server utilization, reduce hardware footprint, simplify management, and lower power and cooling costs. Our deep experience allows you to transition smoothly from a physical to a virtualized environment, and to optimize the performance and value of your existing infrastructure.

Data Center Storage

We can design and implement data center storage solutions that are designed to meet the challenge of ever-increasing volumes of mission-critical data. Leveraging our experience with EMC, we can combine powerful, flexible storage platforms with advanced management, protection and backup capabilities that ensure your data integrity is maintained.


IT organizations continue to pursue converged infrastructure that is more economical, more flexible and simpler to manage. Hyper-convergence is the latest step on this journey. As with converged infrastructure, hyper-convergence collapses compute, storage and network fabric, but also adds a unified management layer. With features such as software-defined storage, hyper-convergence dramatically simplifies data control and management. We intimately understands the value of hyper-convergence, and can work with you to unlock its power.

Data Center Networking

We have the skills and experience to build your next generation data center network. We architect 10/25/40/100 Gig networks that deliver high throughput, low latency, guaranteed quality of service, and east to west application communications.

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