Maximize the performance, productivity and safety of your company with Quadtec’s Assessment Services.

Our highly experienced consultants possess years of hands-on experience analyzing network and security setups, along with key business processes. They will identify the root causes of any problems, and recommend the most relevant tools and practices to help your business stay protected and achieve its full potential.

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Some of Quadtec’s assessment offerings include:

Core Network Assessment

analyzes your network configuration, equipment and software to determine the best setup so everything is streamlined, up to date and functioning properly

Security Assessment

analyzes the risks and vulnerabilities to your business, network and devices to determine the best setup so any and all threats are neutralized before they can create problems

Mobility Assessment

analyzes your mobile strategy to determine the best setup so employees and customers can connect, interact and share with one another no matter where they are or what device they’re using

Wireless Assessment

analyzes your wireless coverage, performance and accuracy to determine the best setup so employees and customers can have fast, high quality web access whenever and wherever they might need it

Backup and Recovery Assessment

analyzes your resources and recovery plans to determine the best setup so important data can be restored quickly and easily in the event of a loss or tragedy

Cloud Assessment

analyzes your cloud strategy to determine the best setup so key business resources are deployed or distributed in the most secure and effective manner possible

Cloud Consumption Assessment

discovers cloud services within the organization so businesses understand the potential liabilities of sensitive data or documents being stored in unapproved clouds and provides opportunities to reduce risk and consolidate cloud purchases.

Unified Communications / Voice Assessment

analyzes your unified communications configuration, equipment and software to determine the best configuration, ensure the infrastructure is updated and functioning properly while enabling the full benefits of available feature sets.

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